In 2016 the city of Turin has canceled the Jazz Festival from its musical programming. A controversial choice, that has stired up a heated debate all over the city. Turin couldn't remain without a jazz festival after so many years of commitment and love for this music. So the city created "Narrazioni Jazz" ( transl. Jazz Narratives), a public festival whose aim was to combine together the book fair and the jazz music.
Throught a public call, all the cultural and music associations of the city could propose their own projects. 
I followed the events of "Giardino forbito", a cultural association which aim is to promote the green world to support culture. Their program perfectly combined books and jazz music: concerts and jazz readings in the subway, that linked the Book Fair to the center of the city, core of Turin jazz culture.
The first real jazz concerts on the Turin subway. 
Italian writers read jazz books to the jazz sound played by Turin Conservatory musicians.
During the ride, a saxophone and a voice were mixed with passengers voices. There was silence sometimes, with all the ears on the end of the last carriage. Behind the saxophonist, an empty tunnel. Jazz and speed together. So powerful.
In the hall of the main Turin subway station some people moved on on their ways, someone stoped. There were also who had never heard a jazz concert. Someone who had never understood jazz. It seemed that those notes and those words were part of the subway reality, restless and caotic. 
And I've realized that jazz and human being are similar. Both without real explanations, both made up of highs and lows. Both full of patos.