FRONT LINE FRONT LINE is the story of the Brigata Basaglia, a psychological and social support project started on march 2020 in Milan as part of the Brigate Solidarietà Milano born with Emergency. This project is an helpline for personal and social support, a self managed switchboard that freely offers listening and activates processes of response and aid. Through an app, phone calls come 7 days a week on the operators mobile phones and they are split in 3 different codes (yellow, green and red). If necessary, they are redirected to a clinical group who provides a 4 phone-meetings path, or to structures like free clinics and anti-violence centers. Coronavirus pandemic and the conseguent lockdown have put a strain on Italians' mental health - as well as the responsiveness of care services. According to the Italian Society of NeuroPsicoPharmacology, those who have come into contact with the virus develop depressive symptoms with an incidence up to five times higher than the general population. Compared to about 900 thousand Italians who regularly use mental healthservices, there is a significant undeclared data (4.5 million people) who, despite potentially needing them, are unable to have access to care services. Front Line has been published on Marie Claire Italia April Issue and online on Brigata Basaglia 02 89396015