On assignment for HOPE Onlus, I documented the second phase of the biggest Italian operation of humanitarian help in Brazil during the COVID-19 pandemic.After the Pope’s appeal, Paolo Taccone, Intensive Therapy's medical manager at Policlinico di Milano, and the economist Antonio Guizzetti have delivered for Hope 18 intensive care beds and ventilators and 6 portable ultrasound machines to six hospitals in the poorest Brazilian states, those ones that were not equipped to face the pandemic.
For the second phase, Antonio Guizzetti and I have traveled in early September through the State of Pará visiting hospitals and small villages of Amazonia, land of contradiction, the richest in natural resources, but the the poorest and the most isolated region with a limited access to health care.
In the 70% of Brazilian territory the number of intensive therapy beds is under the minimum standards set by the World Heath Organization, with only 7 beds for 100 citizens.
The limited COVID-19 testing delivered by Brazil’s central authorities made tracking the pandemic’s spread across the vast country difficult, especially in the Amazon Forest, where there are no official estimates about deaths for COVID-19.
Brazil has never imposed a full lockdown and today Coronavirus death toll has reached 150,000.

My reportage is exhibited until January 21th at "Storie di Speranza" exhibition along Corso Vittorio Emanuele with the beautiful works of Andrea Frazzetta, Nanni Fontana, Eugenio Grosso, Claudio Palmisano, Marco Garofalo, Massimo Allegro, Matteo Biatta, Vittorio Sciosia and Massimo Allegro about the worst months of pandemic.